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A few years ago, a new type of performance art burst onto the scene – literally. People minding their own business in train stations, malls, and plazas found themselves an instant audience when one or two people started dancing, then were joined by more and more “passers-by” until a whole mob was dancing a choreographed routine – then when the song was over, everyone just went about their business like nothing happened.

Subway / London Underground singing proposal, “A Lovely Day”

It didn’t take long for some romantic souls to adapt the “flash mob” idea to propose to their significant others. Some used their friends, some used professional dance troupes, but they all put a lot of planning into the event. Here are a couple of our favorites:

Carlos and Rebecca met at an IKEA, so Carlos thought it was the perfect place to propose, and the perfect place for a flash mob.

Trang and Nam met in a little study room at UCLA, but the room was too small for the proposal Trang had planned. This one is cute because of the variety of people in the mob, including children.

If you’re looking for a unique and splashy way to propose to your significant other, you might consider the flash mob approach; however, as we cautioned in this article, you should be certain of the reaction and relatively certain of the answer before any proposal. Does she like being the center of attention? What does she think about flash mobs in general?

These proposals that went right are fun to watch, and there are many, many more to view. There are almost as many videos of marriage proposals that went wrong, though most of those don’t involve flash mobs. Maybe they should have!




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