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Say Hello and Congratulations to our Sylvie Bride, Cassie C. & her fiance, Shane C.


Shane is a service provider at UPS and I am a nurse anesthetist at a local hospital. After spending the last two years traveling to amazing places and experiencing so many firsts together, we decided on forever! We kept our engagement a secret for a few weeks while planning an elopement on roan mountain. A local area that we love to hike. We eloped at sunset with only 8 people in attendance. It was absolutely perfect and everything I ever dreamed it could be.

sylvie bride cassie

How they met?

We knew of each other through mutual friends. We started talking Via Snap chat and that progressed to 6-8 hour phone conversations every night for 3 weeks. After losing a ton of sleep, he finally asked me on our first date.

How did you know they were the one?

One of the first conversations we had stemmed from him posting a picture of his daughter at an ice cream truck and I told him the story of when my best friend and I chased an ice cream truck for a bomb pop. On our first dat


He took me on a hike to watch the sunset and surprised me with a cooler full of bomb pops. I knew that any man that understood my love for ice cream on a level that deep was a keeper.

sylvie bride cassie


How did they propose?

Well this is a funny story. Which time!? We were in the living room one night discussing our future plans and we were talking about getting married on roan mountain. He asked me if I was serious and I said yes, so he got down on one knee and asked! Of course I said yes! We wanted to keep the engagement a secret for a small elopement so we planned a wedding for 3 weeks later and booked a photographer, but only a few select family members knew about it. His daughter had an upcoming trip to Europe with her mother and we wanted to wait until she returned to get married. I wasn’t wearing my ring since we were keeping our engagement on the DOWN LOW. He proposed again at a braves game a week before the WEDDING. Down on one knee in front of everyone. I cried again even though it wasn’t the first time. It then became a joke about how many times he was going to ask me. He kept saying “I just couldn’t believe you wanted to marry me, so I want to keep asking.”

sylvie bride cassie
Why did you choose a Sylvie Ring?

I always wanted a vintage looking ring. A unique band with an oval shape. We saw this ring Last year at a local jeweler and Shane never found one that compared to its

Uniqueness and Beauty!

sylvie bride cassie
Which Sylvie ring did you choose?

Shane chose the Cheri oval ring because of its vintage design, halo, and The unique intricate details of the band.

vintage inspired oval engagement ring

This best selling, fashionable, vintage inspired engagement ring features a stunning 1.5 carat oval diamond set inside a lovely pave diamond halo and placed atop an antique inspired, tapered shank with milgrain and varied sizes of diamond accents. The rhythm of accents continue on the profile sides of the shank with more channel set diamonds. The total weight of this intricate vintage inspired engagement ring is 0.73 carats.

Where did you purchase the ring?

Shane purchased my ring at Cumberland diamond exchange.

What do you love most about your Sylvie ring?

I love that its so gorgeous and unique. The oval shape is flattering on my finger and i have never seen a band with such intricate detailing all around. When the light catches and it sparkles, i cant help but smile!

sylvie bride cassie
As a Sylvie Bride, you say yes to love and to many other things! What are they?

Before Shane, i can honestly say that i never knew how totally enveloping love could be. Both of us had been in Previous relationships that didn’t work out. Knowing now how easy it is to become lax in a relationship, i always say yes to anything that will keep us connected. Yes to staying up late and watching braves games. Yes to holding hands and cuddling on the couch every night. Yes to new Adventures And exploring new Places. Yes to having the hard conversations that strengthen our relationship. I will always say yes to anything that keeps our love Alive and our bond deep.

sylvie bride cassie
As the groom, what do you love about your Yes girl?

The thing i love the most about my wife is how selfless and compassionate she is Towards others. It seems like in today’s culture its easy for us to Become fixated on doing whats best ourselves or doing what makes our lives easiest. She is constantly And actively searching for ways to enrich and Better the lives of others, whether that be through financial means or volunteering. The love she has for others has always inspired me to want to be better and has to be the biggest reason that she is the love of my life.

sylvie bride cassie

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