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Michael’s Jewelers – Yardley

Engagement Rings in Yardley

Michael’s Jewelers – Yardley

Michael's Jewelers in Yardley, Pennsylvania

Discover the jewelry shopping experience at Michael’s Jewelers in Yardley, PA. Since their establishment in 1976, this family-run jewelers has been a cornerstone in Bucks County for all things exquisite and elegant. From sparkling diamonds to a stunning selection of engagement and wedding rings, Michael’s Jewelers has curated a collection of pieces that captivates. Beyond their beautiful pieces, they pride themselves on offering expert jewelry repair services, ensuring that your treasured items receive the care they deserve.

Michael's Jewelers - Yardley Highlights

  • Michael’s Jewelers has two convenient locations, for your engagement and wedding ring needs, in Yardley and Fairless Hills.
  • Michael’s Jewelers was voted Best of the Best in 2021 by the Courier Times in their Official Community Choice Awards competition.
  • Michael’s Jewelers offers a full suite of jewelry care services to ensure your pieces last a lifetime.
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Michael's Jewelers - Yardley Information

Michael's Jewelers Yardley location is found at 1619 Big Oak Rd, Yardley, PA 19067. To contact them, call (215) 369-1700 or email [email protected].

Sylvie Jewelry's Retailer in Yardley

Yardley is a historic and culturally rich borough.

  • Yardley sits alongside the Delaware River, offering picturesque views and a serene environment.
  • Yardley boasts various attractions, including historical tours, art galleries like Touchstone Art Gallery, and unique sites like the Garden of Reflection 9/11 Memorial.
  • The town’s rich history, including its role in the American Civil War and as a station for the Underground Railroad.
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Book an Appointment at Michael's Jewelers - Yardley

Whether you are a new or returning customer, Michael’s Jewelers welcomes you to visit their Yardley location. You can book an appointment by filling out this appointment form. You can also reach them at (215) 369-1700 or by email at [email protected]. Walk-ins are welcome.

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About Michael's Jewelers - Yardley

Since its establishment in 1976, Michael’s Jewelers in Yardley and Fairless Hills, PA, has been at the forefront of offering exquisite jewelry and unparalleled services in Bucks County. What started as a family-owned venture has blossomed into a respected destination for those seeking loose diamonds and an array of engagement and bridal rings. Michael’s Jewelers is not just about selling jewelry; it’s a place where memories are cherished, and big milestones are celebrated. From Levittown to Philadelphia, customers trust Michael’s Jewelers for their commitment to quality, affordability, and a diverse selection that caters to every style and occasion.

The legacy of Michael’s Jewelers traces back to 1918 when Daniel Kanoff, a watchmaker and silversmith from Russia, laid its foundation. With over a century of expertise, Michael’s Jewelers has evolved, embracing modern trends while preserving the timeless art of jewelry making. At its core, the store remains a family-run business, now serving third generation customers. With two locations in Bucks County, Michael’s Jewelers continues to uphold its reputation as “The Best of Bucks,” a testament to its unwavering dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction.

At Michael’s Jewelers, every piece of jewelry tells a story. Whether it’s an engagement ring symbolizing eternal love, or a pair of earrings for a special occasion, the store prides itself on a collection that brings sparkle and shine into life’s precious moments. Moreover, the store’s comprehensive repair services, performed by skilled craftsmen, ensure that your cherished pieces stay as beautiful as the memories they represent. This commitment to quality and service makes Michael’s Jewelers not just a store, but a partner in celebrating life’s most treasured milestones.

Michael's Jewelers - Yardley FAQs

What variety of engagement rings can I find at Michael's Jewelers?

Explore their diverse range of Sylvie engagement rings, including classic styles, solitaires, three stone rings, and other style options.

Can I customize an engagement ring at Michael's Jewelers?

Yes, we offer custom design services through Michael’s Jewelers to create a Sylvie engagement ring that uniquely symbolizes your love.

What types of diamonds and gemstones are available?

Michael’s Jewelers offers a variety of loose diamonds and gemstones, allowing you to choose the perfect stone for your engagement ring.

Are there options for matching wedding bands at Michael's Jewelers?

Yes, Michael’s Jewelers has an exquisite selection of Sylvie wedding bands that beautifully complement our engagement rings.

Does Michael's Jewelers provide repair services for engagement rings?

Yes, their on-premises craftsmen with over 20 years of experience offer comprehensive repair services for all types of jewelry.

Are financing options available for engagement ring purchases?

Michael’s Jewelers offers financing through Wells Fargo to make your engagement ring purchase convenient and affordable. Visit their website to learn more.

Can I get a jewelry appraisal for my engagement ring at Michael's?

Yes, they provide trusted and reliable jewelry appraisal services.

What makes Michael's Jewelers a special place to buy an engagement ring?

Their commitment to quality, affordability, and customer satisfaction, combined with our rich history and extensive knowledge, makes them a preferred choice in Bucks County.


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