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John Greenan & Sons

Engagement Rings in Silver Spring

John Greenan & Sons

John Greenan & Sons in Silver Spring, Maryland

John Greenan & Sons is a jewelry store in Silver Spring, providing customers with beautiful diamond jewelry since 1947. The family-owned jewelry store is serious about customer satisfaction, the reason they hire the best staff to cater to the needs of their customers.

John Greenan & Sons Highlights

  • John Greenan & Sons sells a variety of jewelry, such as engagement and wedding bands, fashion jewelry, and diamonds.
  • John Greenan & Sons is located in Silver Spring, Maryland.
  • John Greenan & Sons provides many services like engraving, jewelry repair, cleaning, and polishing.
engagement rings in silver spring

John Greenan & Sons Information

John Greenan & Sons is at 1314 Fenwick Lane Silver Spring, MD, 20910. For inquiries and assistance, they can be reached at (301) 587-2717.

Sylvie Jewelry's Retailer in Silver Spring

Silver Spring is a vibrant and diverse community located just north of Washington, D.C.

  • Silver Spring is named after a mica-flecked spring discovered by Francis Preston Blair in 1840. The shimmering appearance of the spring’s water inspired the name.
  • The downtown area is a bustling hub with numerous shops, restaurants, entertainment venues, and office spaces, making it a lively and dynamic part of the city.
  • Silver Spring has a thriving arts scene, with numerous galleries, theaters, and music venues. The Fillmore Silver Spring is a well-known venue that hosts a variety of concerts and events.
engagement rings in silver spring

Book an appointment at John Greenan & Sons

To book an appointment at John Greenan & Sons, give their store a call at (301) 587-27172. Walk-ins are also welcome to their show room Mondays through Fridays from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

engagement rings in silver spring
engagement rings in silver spring

About John Greenan & Sons

For decades, John Greenan & Sons have been an integral part of their community, weaving a tapestry of trust and excellence. Their dedication to offering an array of exquisite jewelry pieces, coupled with their history of overcoming challenges, reflects a business that is much more than a store – it’s a symbol of enduring legacy and adaptability.

At the heart of John Greenan & Sons is Damon Greenan, a direct descendant of the founders, who embodies the family’s dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. He prides himself on the exceptional selection of jewelry at John Greenan & Sons and the impeccable customer service that has become the store’s hallmark. For Damon, it’s not just about selling a piece of jewelry; it’s about creating an experience, one where customers find or craft a piece of jewelry they will cherish for a lifetime. It’s this personal touch and commitment to excellence that ensures John Greenan & Sons Jewelers continues to thrive, honoring the past while looking forward to a future bright with possibilities.

John Greenan & Sons FAQs

What year was John Greenan & Sons established?

John Greenan & Sons was established in 1947.

Where can I find John Greenan & Sons in Silver Spring?

John Greenan & Sons is located at 1314 Fenwick Lane Silver Spring, MD 20910.

What types of jewelry can I find in John Greenan & Sons?

John Greenan & Sons has a wide range of offerings including engagement rings, wedding rings, and fine jewelry, including Sylvie Jewelry pieces.

What services does John Greenan & Sons provide?

The renowned jewelry store, John Greenan & Sons, provides many services to its esteemed customers. They include engraving, jewelry repair, cleaning and polishing.

Can I have my jewelry repaired at John Greenan & Sons?

Sure, John Greenan & Sons has experienced professionals in charge of every repair work. So you can trust them with every one of your jewelry repairs.

Is Sylvie Jewelry available at John Greenan & Sons?

Yes, as an authorized retailer of Sylvie Jewelry, John Greenan & Sons has access to Sylvie’s full inventory of pieces.

Is John Greenan & Sons Inc. a family-owned business?

Yes, John Greenan & Sons Inc. is a family-owned business that has been in business for many decades.


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