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Farley’s Jewelers

Engagement Rings in Hanover

Farley’s Jewelers

Farley's Jewelers in Hanover, Pennsylvania

Farley’s Jewelers is a premium jewelry store in Hanover, Pennsylvania. They bring you the quality difference in diamond rings. Farley’s Jewelers provides unique designs from trusted jewelry manufacturers from around the globe. They ensure that each piece of  jewelry is of the finest quality and at a cost that fits a range of budgets.

Farley's Jewelers Highlights

  • Farley’s Jewelers is located in the Clearview Shopping Center.
  • Farley’s Jewelers is renowned for its quality jewelry like engagement rings, estate jewelry, diamond jewelry, wedding bands, and watches.
  • Farley’s jewelers perform jewelry repairs and appraisals for their customers.

Farley's Jewelers Information

Farley's Jewelers is at 1000 Carlisle Street. Clearview Shopping Center Hanover, Pennsylvania, 17331. You can contact them by dialing (717) 632-6484.

Sylvie Jewelry's Retailer in Hanover, Pennsylvania

Hanover is a rural town and a vibrant hub for food, industry, and craft beer.

  • It is named after the German city of Hannover.
  • Hanover is known as the “snack food capital of the world” due to the many factories that produce pretzels and other tasty delights.
  • Notable landmarks include the Hanover Shoe Farms, one of the world’s leading standardbred breeding farms, and the Warehime-Myers Mansion, a historic Victorian mansion open to the public for tours.
engagement rings in hanover at farley's jewelers

Book an appointment at Farley's Jewelers

Farley’s Jewelers welcomes you to walk into their store any time during business hours to select jewelry or make inquiries. Their store is open from Monday to Saturday each week. Business hours are from 10 am to 6 pm on Mondays through Thursdays. Then, on Fridays between 10 am and 8 pm. On Saturday, business hours are between 10 am and 3 pm. But for your convenience, you can reach them at (717) 632-6484 or emailing [email protected].

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About Farley's Jewelers

Farley’s Jewelers, a trusted name in Hanover, Pennsylvania, has been a chosen retailer for their quality and reliability in the jewelry business since its establishment in 1983 by Ernie Farley. Known for its commitment to providing exceptional value and trusted service, the store quickly became a favorite in the community. Customers have consistently chosen Farley’s for their engagement ring and fine jewelry purchases, confident in the knowledge and expertise that their staff brings to every transaction.

After Ernie’s retirement, the legacy of Farley’s Jewelers was seamlessly continued by Erik Farley. Under Erik’s leadership, the store has maintained its foundational principles while infusing a fresh perspective. The staff at Farley’s, who consider themselves a family, contribute to a welcoming and enjoyable shopping experience. They are dedicated to making each visit memorable, ensuring customers feel part of the Farley’s community.

At Farley’s Jewelers, the focus is on helping customers find the perfect piece for every occasion. The team prides itself on delivering brilliance, whether it’s in their carefully curated selection, their personalized service, or their deep understanding of jewelry.

Farley's Jewelers FAQs

Who is the founder of Farley's Jewelers?

Ernie Farley founded Farley’s Jewelers.

When was Farley's Jewelers established?

Farley’s Jewelers was established in 1983.

Where is Farley's Jewelers located?

Farley’s Jewelers store is at 1000 Carlisle Street. Clearview Shopping Center Hanover, Pennsylvania.

What kind of jewelry can I find at Farley's Jewelers?

At Farley’s Jewelers, you will find a variety of jewelry pieces, such as diamonds, engagement rings, wedding bands, bridal sets, and watches.

How do I schedule an appointment?

You can schedule an appointment by calling (717) 632-6484 or emailing [email protected].

What distinguishes Farley's Jewelers from other jewelers?

Farley’s Jewelers is known for quality jewelry and excellent customer service. Their sales professionals are the best and ensure customers have a great shopping experience.

Can I find Sylvie's jewelry at Farley's Jewelers in Hanover, Pennsylvania?

Yes, you will find Sylvie’s jewelry in-store at Farley’s Jewelers. They feature a premium selection of Sylvie’s engagement and wedding rings.

Can I get a bridal set at Farley's Jewelers?

Certainly, Farley’s Jewelers have stunning bridal sets in their gallery. Every bride dreams of looking beautiful on her big day, and Farley Jewelers makes it happen.


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