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Diamond District

Diamond District
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“Jason and Todd love what they do, they have a true passion for the jewelry industry. The pair met while working together for another jewelry retailer in Ohio each had their own area of expertise, together they became a vital part of the expansion of that retailer.

When the jewelry industry started to evolve into an e-commerce industry, Jason and Todd saw an opportunity and decided to venture out on their own. In pioneering their new concept to the public, the Diamond District was born. In 2003, they opened a 1,400 square –foot store brokering only loose, certified diamonds and diamond jewelry at prices equal to or below the Internet. Unlike the typical retail jewelry store, which has many dollars tied up in slower-moving, fourth quarter products Jason and Todd decided to focus on what sells year-round: diamonds and diamond jewelry. This quick-turning inventory model allows them to sell their diamonds and diamond jewelry at prices far lower than the standard jewelry store.

In what seemed to be the worst of economic times, Jason and Todd experienced tremendous success with their unique business model. In five years’ time, they were able to expand into a new 6,000-square-foot, freestanding diamond superstore located at Coconut Point; not only has the store grown but the collection has as well. Beyond diamonds-white, yellow, pink, chocolate, and black-the Diamond District’s showcases are filled with high-end fashion jewelry and men’s gifts. The new store also boasts a state-of-the-art jewelry repair center and is staffed with several Gemological Institute of America (GIA) Graduate Gemologists to perform appraisals on merchandise purchased in-house or from an outside location.

Guests who visit the Diamond District can expect a warm welcome, including complimentary fine chocolates and beverages. Most people are shocked to find Jason and Todd in the store everyday working with their clients.”


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