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Braunschweiger Jewelers – New Providence

Engagement Rings in New Providence

Braunschweiger Jewelers – New Providence

Braunschweiger Jewelers in New Providence, New Jersey

Braunschweiger Jewelers, with its roots deeply embedded in the precision timepiece craftsmanship of the Black Forest region in Germany, has been a beacon of integrity, service, and exceptional jewelry since its establishment in the 1920s. Carrying the legacy of the Braunschweiger family from Schwenningen, Germany, to the shores of America, the Braunschweiger Swan symbolizes the family’s dedication to the finest quality and values respected both in their homeland and their adopted community.

Braunschweiger Jewelers Highlights

  • Braunschweiger Jewelers boasts a rich heritage rooted in the precision timepiece manufacturing of the Black Forest region in southern Germany. With a history spanning over 80 years
  • Braunschweiger Jewelers offers services such as repairs done on-site, complimentary cleanings, and professional appraisals.
  • Braunschweiger Jewelers has two convenient locations in Morristown and New Providence.
engagement rings in New Providence

Braunschweiger Jewelers - New Providence Information

Braunschweiger Jewelers - New Providence is located at the Village Shopping Center at 1260 Springfield Avenue, New Providence, NJ 07974. They can be reached by calling (908) 665-1487.

Sylvie Jewelry’s Retailer in New Providence

New Providence is a borough situated in Union County, in the northern part of New Jersey, United States.

  • With a population of 13,595, New Providence is a small town located in Union County, New Jersey. It is considered to be one of the best places to live in the state.
  • Character is of utmost importance, not just within the schools of New Providence, but throughout the entire community. This was the main focus as district leadership, teachers, students, families, and community members joined together to celebrate New Providence School District’s recognition as one of four National Districts of Character.
  • New Providence, located in Union County, offers affordable housing options similar to those found in Essex County. Additionally, it is conveniently located for those who commute to their workplaces in NYC.
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Book an appointment at Braunschweiger Jewelers - New Providence

To schedule an appointment with Braunschweiger Jewelers in New Providence, NJ, you have several convenient options. You can reach them via email at [email protected] or by calling (908) 665-1487. Walk-ins are welcome during their store hours which are Mondays through Fridays from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Thursdays from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., and Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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About Braunschweiger Jewelers

The saga of Braunschweiger Jewelers began with Balthus Braunschweiger, born in 1873 in Germany and trained as a clockmaker. His craftsmanship legacy was passed down through generations, with his son Eugen and grandson Robert continuing the tradition of precision timepiece crafting. The family’s immigration to the U.S. in 1925 set the stage for their future endeavors in Hillside, NJ. By 1931, Robert opened Market Watch Repair in Newark, NJ, laying the foundation for what would become Braunschweiger Jewelers. Overcoming the challenges of the Great Depression, the family’s dedication to their craft and entrepreneurial spirit led to the establishment of Braunschweiger Brothers in 1939.

Throughout the years, Braunschweiger Jewelers evolved, expanding its locations and services. The post-World War II era saw significant growth, with the opening of new stores and a broader selection of watches and jewelry. The 1960s and 70s marked a period of further expansion and transition, as the business was passed on to the third generation – Eugene, Herb, and Bill. This era saw the opening of additional locations and a consolidation of the brand under the Braunschweiger Jewelers name, showcasing their commitment to quality and excellence.

Today, Braunschweiger Jewelers proudly operates from its Morristown and New Providence locations, continuing a tradition that spans nearly a century. The legacy of Balthus, Eugen, Robert, and their descendants lives on, with the family’s commitment to quality, integrity, and customer service remaining the cornerstone of their business. As they move into the fifth generation, Braunschweiger Jewelers stands as a testament to successful entrepreneurship, infused with the fresh spirit and enthusiasm of the newer generations. The store’s enduring success is a tribute to the craftsmanship and vision of its forefathers, as well as the unwavering dedication of the entire Braunschweiger family.

Braunschweiger Jewelers FAQs

What types of jewelry repairs do they offer at Braunschweiger Jewelers?

Braunschweiger Jewelers offers a wide range of jewelry repair services. Their skilled jewelers can assist with various repairs, such as resizing rings, replacing gemstones, repairing clasps and chains, and more. Whether the jewelry requires a minor fix or a more extensive restoration, their team has the expertise to handle the job with care and precision. Clients can bring in their jewelry, and the Braunschweiger Jewelers team will assess the repair needs and provide a detailed estimate.

What Sylvie pieces are available at Braunschweiger Jewelers?

You can find a stunning selection of Sylvie Jewelry pieces, including engagement rings and wedding bands. Sylvie is renowned for its exquisite and beautifully crafted designs, and you can explore their captivating collection at our store.

Does Braunschweiger Jewelers have the capability to restyle family heirloom jewelry? 

Braunschweiger Jewelers have a deep appreciation for the sentimental significance of family heirloom jewelry. Their team of experts excels in the art of converting these beloved pieces into contemporary and stylish designs that will be cherished for generations. Whether the goal is to repurpose a valuable diamond or gemstone or to give new life to a traditional item, Braunschweiger Jewelers possesses the expertise to revitalize your family’s precious jewelry.

Why do I need a jewelry appraisal for insurance purposes?

A jewelry appraisal for insurance is essential to protect your valuable pieces adequately. It involves a thorough examination by a qualified jeweler to assess the item’s composition and the value of any gemstones or precious stones.

Does Braunschweiger Jewelers offer a comprehensive range of Sylvie items at their store?

Their collection includes a carefully curated selection of Sylvie pieces, encompassing engagement rings and wedding bands. However, please note that the availability of particular Sylvie items can fluctuate. For precise information on the Sylvie pieces you desire, it’s advisable to reach out to their store directly or pay a visit to their showroom. Their experienced staff will gladly provide assistance in locating the ideal Sylvie jewelry to suit your preferences. Additionally, if a specific Sylvie piece is not available in their store, their staff can contact Sylvie on your behalf to inquire about its availability.

What are the most reliable diamond certificates, and why are they important for jewelry insurance?

For reliable diamond certificates vital for jewelry insurance, industry experts recommend those from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and the American Gem Society (AGS). These organizations are renowned for their precision and professionalism in assessing diamond qualities.


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