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After Midnight Jewelers

After Midnight Jewelers

After Midnight Jewelers in South Burlington, Vermont

After Midnight Jewelers, situated in South Burlington, Vermont, has been an integral part of the local community for over 30 years. Committed to offering an innovative and personalized approach to jewelry, the store has become synonymous with a departure from conventional norms. As an authorized retailer of Sylvie Jewelry, After Midnight Jewelers showcases a curated selection of Sylvie Jewelry engagement rings.

After Midnight Jewelers Highlights

  • After Midnight Jewelers has a highly trained team, with many holding certifications from esteemed institutions like GIA or DCA.
  • After Midnight Jewelers offer both lab grown and natural diamond options for your jewelry needs.
  • One of After Midnight Jewelers’ distinctive features is their open jeweler’s workshop, enclosed by glass walls. This unique design lets you observe their skilled artisans firsthand as they meticulously create and restore jewelry pieces.
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After Midnight Jewelers Information

Visit their location at 150 Dorset St., Blue Mall, South Burlington, VT 05403. Reach out for inquiries to (802) 862-1042.

Sylvie Jewelry’s Retailer in South Burlington

A vibrant and suburban city.

  • South Burlington, situated in Chittenden County, Vermont, is a city known for its picturesque setting near Lake Champlain.
  • Key attractions include the esteemed University of Vermont and the lively Church Street Marketplace in nearby Burlington. Dorset Street leads to the popular Blue Mall, where After Midnight Jewelers proudly represents Sylvie Jewelry.
  • South Burlington hosts diverse events year-round, from art exhibitions to farmers markets, providing engaging experiences for both locals and visitors.
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Book an appointment at After Midnight Jewelers

Feel free to give them a call at (802) 862-3608, send a direct message on Facebook, or drop an email at [email protected]. Their team will be readily available to assist you in coordinating a visit to their store, where you can explore their curated selection of diamonds, gemstones, and your favorite Sylvie Jewelry pieces.

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About After Midnight Jewelers

After Midnight Jewelers has emerged as a distinguished jewelry destination in South Burlington, Vermont. Their dedication to transcending traditional jewelry norms is evident in the meticulously designed and welcoming space they’ve established within the Blue Mall.

For over 30 years, After Midnight Jewelers has stood as a beacon of excellence in Vermont’s jewelry scene. They’ve had the honor of playing a pivotal role in countless engagements. They’re not your typical jewelry store; we defy convention, tradition, and impersonal retail experiences.

Step into their store, and you’ll be greeted by their friendly and knowledgeable jewelry professionals. We’ve become Vermont’s go-to, one-stop destination for a reason. Their small, dedicated staff, treats every customer like a friend. They’re passionate about helping you find the perfect piece, and their extensive selection of handpicked diamonds and gemstones ensures you’ll discover something special.

After Midnight Jewelers FAQs

Where is After Midnight Jewelers located?

After Midnight Jewelers is situated in South Burlington, Vermont, within the Blue Mall. You can find their exact address here.

Can I find Sylvie Jewelry at After Midnight Jewelers?

Yes, you can explore Sylvie Jewelry’s collection within their store.

Does After Midnight Jewelers offer custom design services?

After Midnight Jewelers welcome custom inquiries and offer personalized design services to bring your unique vision to life.

How do I schedule an appointment at After Midnight Jewelers?

Booking an appointment is easy. You can contact them via phone (802) 862-3608, send an email to [email protected] or even through their Facebook page to arrange a visit to their store.

Are lab-grown diamonds available at After Midnight Jewelers?

After Midnight Jewelers offer lab-grown diamonds among their selection of handpicked gemstones. Visit here to know more about these sustainable and stunning options.

What is the experience like inside After Midnight Jewelers' store?

Their store offers an inviting and contemporary atmosphere. You can observe a master jeweler at work within a glass-walled workshop, showcasing meticulous craftsmanship.

Can I purchase engagement rings at After Midnight Jewelers?

They specialize in engagement rings and offer an array of designs, including Sylvie’s elegant creations.

What is the significance of After Midnight Jewelers' Blue Mall location?

Their modern and spacious Blue Mall location reflects their departure from traditional jewelry norms, fostering a warm and open environment for clients to explore.

Is Same-Day Repairs available for all types of jewelry items at After Midnight Jewelers?

Same-Day repair primarily cover minor repairs for various types of jewelry items, including rings, necklaces, bracelets, and watches. For more complex repairs, After Midnight Jewelers will provide customers with suitable options and timeframes.

How can customers access the Free Services at After Midnight Jewelers?

Free Services are available through visiting After Midnight Jewelers’ store directly. The friendly and knowledgeable team will be pleased to assist you and provide details on the available complimentary services for your jewelry.


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