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Designer Engagement Rings


Three time national award winning designer, Sylvie, comes from a long lineage of diamond aficionados. As a third-generation master of diamonds, her attention to detail and exquisite design is reflected in everything she creates. With each piece, you can easily see that Sylvie is as fluent in the art of design as she is in over 5 languages.

Unique Designer Engagement Rings For Women

Each hand-crafted piece of jewelry is personal, unique and highly reflective of Sylvie’s commitment to using ethical sources wile offering endless options. With the creation of over 2,000 designer engagement ring styles, she has paved the way for the diamond industry for years to come.

A  Master of  Modern Vintage

Sylvie has set herself apart from other designers when it comes to creating the most masterfully crafted modern vintage engagement rings. From intricate scrollwork and beading to signature design elements, Sylvie’s modern vintage designer engagement rings have been copied all over the world, however no one has yet to match her unparalleled level of quality and craftsmanship that goes into each piece she creates.

150 Point Quality Check

Sylvie is personally involved in the construction of every designer engagement ring that comes across her desk. Each and every ring is placed through a vigorous 150-point inspection to ensure the highest quality of craftsmanship is achieved during production. As a three-time, national award-winning designer, Sylvie makes it her top priority to ensure that every customer receives the ring of their dreams, while never sacrificing quality.


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