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3 stone

The three stone engagement ring is a modern classic representing the past, present and future. This style typically features a larger center stone with smaller matching side diamonds, or side diamonds with a different shape than the center stone.

engagement ring with three diamonds

- Three stone engagement rings can feature any combination of stone shapes and types, providing a wide variety of options and styles.

- Three stone engagement rings are perfect for those who love more than one cut, color, or want a little extra shine on their ring.

- A three stone engagement ring is a great way to compromise when not set on a single cut.

- Along with styles and cuts, you can combine different colors of stones by setting a diamond center with two fancy stones or gemstones.

- Adding two smaller stones on the side may help the center diamond appear larger.


The halo engagement ring features a border of smaller diamonds surrounding the center stone. This halo is designed to emphasize both the sparkle and size of the center stone—giving you the look of a larger stone.

ring with diamond band

- The halo ring effect makes the center stone look more brilliant and it brings the viewers attention to the center stone.

- It outlines and encircles the center stone to enhance its appearance and size.

- The style has been around for years, and is popular because of its versatility.


Vintage diamond engagement rings are designed to recreate the classic beauty of rings from the past. They mix timeless elegance with modern style. The look of these rings might be reminiscent of something found at an antique store

ring with diamond band

- A pave band enhances the romantic feel while enhancing the look of the center diamond or gem.

- They are often unmistakable for rings from a bygone era with a look of antiquity.

- They are versatile in that regardless of what cut, color or metal you choose, there is no limit to creating your custom ring.


Solitaire diamond engagement rings are designed with a single diamond in the center. This setting is perfect to showcase an impressive stone, or to show off a more modest stone without overwhelming it. Solitaire diamond engagement rings can have other decorative design elements in the band.

engagement ring with multiple diamonds

- A solitaire style ring showcases the beauty of a single stunning diamond, so it should be high in quality as your budget allows.

- The diamond in this style is often paired with a prong setting to maximize the sparkle and minimize the exposed metal.

- For a low profile solitaire style engagement ring, consider a bezel-set solitaire engagement ring.

split shank

Split shank engagement rings feature a band that separates into multiple bands, starting at the head and moving down the sides of the ring. The split can either be very small: separating just briefly near the center stone, or large: splitting halfway around the entire ring.

square diamond engagement ring

- A split shank close to the head will help enhance the overall beauty of the ring’s head.

- If a ring has an exceptionally large diamond, a split shank can help balance the ring size without having to use a wide metal band.

- A split design can create the illusion that the center gemstone is larger in size.


Classic engagement rings are exquisitely crafted and designed, keeping to an inspiration of classical simplicity, elegance and emphasizing the focus on the center diamond.

ornate diamond engagement ring

- Classic diamond rings are as romantic today to propose with as they were prior to the 20th century.

- A classic style engagement ring is versatile and works great with a stunning range of natural color gemstones and diamonds of a variety of shapes.

- It can vary slightly in width, allowing for maximum versatility when selecting a wedding band to compliment its timeless look.

- The classic engagement ring showcases any shape diamond beautifully, while achieving a simple, elegant look.


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