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Valentine’s Day Proposal Ideas for you and your special someone!

Cupid is getting his arrows ready! Are you planning something a little sweeter than dinner and a movie this Valentine’s Day? A proposal on the day of love is everything she has ever dreamed of – we promise! Unless your bride to be is not a Valentines lover, this proposal will be the one to beat. If you want to make it more original, (meaning no engagement ring in the champagne), we have 5 ideas that are special and out of the box for you and your special someone!

heart valentine's day

1. Scavenger Hunt

If your bride is one for scrapbooks and memory boxes, this sentimental journey will make her fall even more in love with you. Each clue of the hunt can include a photo of the two of you and a poem or a special memory that the two of you share. You can add little gifts along the way or even set the path to you with valentine’s conversation hearts leading her to her clues. Leave little notes along the way that she can save in her box or add to her scrapbook as a memory of the day you got engaged. Of course, you’ll be waiting at the end on one knee waiting to propose. This is perfect for the bride who wants a special Valentine’s Day proposal, but one that is more intimate and between just the two of you. However, if your bride doesn’t mind some people around, filming the scavenger hunt would be an amazing memory to have for the future!

valentine's day proposal

2. Winter Wonderland

It’s January and in most places other than Los Angeles and Miami, it’s snowing or chilly outside! Take advantage of this beautiful time of year and make it a snowy proposal she’ll never forget. Plan a winter forest walk, but of course, pre-walk set up required. You can write “Will you Marry Me?” in the snow or set up a picnic area with flowers and candles – ready for you to propose. If you don’t want to picnic in the cold, you can take a vacation and go to a cottage in the snow. You can make this super personalized and cook her dinner or take a walk to “take pictures”, but instead pop the question. You can really make this Valentine’s Day proposal your own and you can never go wrong with a proposal in the snow because a breathtaking setting is all you need!

winter proposal

3. All Your Firsts

Plan a day of all your firsts with that special someone. Your first date spot, your first kiss, the first time you said, “I love you”, etc. Make it a day down memory lane, but of course end the day with a new first spot with a proposal. Now, if you want to propose at the first date spot or first kiss, that would be amazing too! You can either end the night with it or propose early so you have the rest of the day to reminisce. Make sure your bride to be is open to a more public Valentine’s Day proposal because more than likely you’ll be out at mini golf and dinner on these dates. She’ll see how much thought you put into this and how much your special moments mean to you. This proposal will definitely make her fall in love with you all over again.


4. Birthday Surprise

What’s better than a surprise party on your birthday with a proposal? Nothing! You’ll sweep her off her feet with this amazing proposal and she’ll never even see it coming. Once she arrives at the party and is surprised – she won’t think any more are coming. You can propose when she is least expecting it because isn’t that all the fun in proposing? Maybe get the ring put into a confetti popper or a balloon and have her pop it. Make sure not to damage the ring though! Place the ring on the cake in the frosting and bring it out with sparkling candles – her jaw will drop! Maybe during your birthday toast you can turn it into a proposal and get down on one knee. There are so many ways you can go about this! You’ll always have that special day to share as well as her birthday, which will make it even more special every year!

birthday surprise

5. Beauty Day

Plan a beauty day for her with all her friends before your Valentine’s Day proposal. Have her go get her nails done, hair done, maybe pretend they are going to do a photo shoot or something. This way you have the day to set up and plan for the moment of your life. Have her friends bring her to the spot after her beauty day and be waiting there on one knee. Maybe have them take her to the first place you met or a rooftop bar where then you can enjoy a bite to eat and a toast. Reminder: if she isn’t into a public proposal then this isn’t the one for her. You can also have her family waiting as a further surprise to the whole day!


We hope our ideas help you in planning one of the best moments of your life. From scavenger hunts to candy hearts, your bride to be will love however you propose so always remember that! Once you’ve locked down how you want to propose, you need the ring! Planning to do it soon, check out our sparkling diamond engagement rings at the Sylvie Jewelry for your perfect match!

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