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Videos should make up the largest part of your marketing strategy. They are integral to staying relevant, fresh, and unique in today’s digital world. Sharing videos on Instagram comes with a time limit, but no worries here that’s where IGTV tips come into play! This long form video app, found within the social network, Instagram, launched in June of 2018. Those used to watching YouTube and Snapchat may soon beFmarketing transitioning into IGTV fans. IGTV now allows you to take full screen, vertical videos that are up to an hour long and post them for your followers to see. You are able to share a preview of the video on your feed as well as stay within one app to make it easier for your followers. Everything is in one place, which is better for audience engagement. With high engagement trends linked to video content on social media, we wanted to get on board and share our Favorite Features of IGTV.

igtv tips

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Create inviting and unique content. If your company already makes use of the current Instagram features like Instagram Story, then IGTV will be an upgrade for you. If you’re a jewelry brand, you should be jumping for joy! This new feature offers the opportunity of introducing new, organic content to your social channel. You can re-use videos that are on Facebook or create brand new ones straight from the app. For jewelry brands, like Sylvie Jewelry, you can now incorporate How-To’s, Demos, and videos of product shots that don’t disappear after 24 hours. You can show how custom pieces are made, what the process of the engagement ring goes through, & you’ll have an archive for all these crisp videos of engagement rings and wedding bands. You can now get your longer videos in front of your consumers as well as a new demographic of people that are on the IGTV app. You can feature a preview on your feed or story to get people interested without worrying about the 1 minute time limit. igtv tips


Similar to Instagram story, IGTV, allows you to add a swipe up link to your video. This swipe up feature links your video to your website, a specific landing page, or even your Facebook page. If you are displaying rings from a specific style or showing a matching set, you can link your customers to these rings in case they are interested in purchasing. This is such a great addition because as you know in Instagram captions, links do not work. Therefore, with IGTV you are given more opportunities to link your audience to different pages that in turn gets you more exposure and engagement. To get started you can start with videos that you already have posted elsewhere and build an audience on there. It is a great way to ease into the app, while still learning about all the features it has to offer.

igtv tips


Have you ever filmed a video on your iPhone vertically and realized it should have been horizontal? Don’t worry about making that mistake anymore! With IGTV, it is ideal for mobile users. With this great addition, you can film a jewelry demonstration straight from your phone. No need to worry about formatting! These videos are filmed in a vertical format and once uploaded are shown in full-screen. This is ideal for influencers and brands that want to share how-to’s, Q & As, demos, and much more with their users. You no longer have to film and try to flip the video! (YES!) IGTV films and formats in vertical that allows for user generated content that is simpler and allows for easy mode video viewing.  Make it easy: point, shoot, and post videos straight from your phone for all your users to see!

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With IGTV, you can either use a separate app or you can simply watch from the Instagram app. For easier transition, you have the ability to share content with your already loyal audience. This in turn will allow for greater engagement because in IGTV you can like, comment, and share. You will now be turning out engaging content on Instagram stories, Instagram photos, as well as IGTV! You can generate feedback and engagement by using polls, responding to comments, and direct messaging straight from each video.


With IGTV you can feature a preview on your feed or even share it on Facebook. Your IGTV video will always show the first frame of your video as your cover, but you can change that! You want a cover that is inviting and engaging – that makes people want to click on your video and watch it. You have the option to edit the preview or add in your own cover photo before uploading the video to IGTV. Be creative with this – you can add text, geometric boxes, & even filters to make the image high quality and inviting to the customer.


Look out for more feature updates in the future such as, linking to Facebook Watch and IGTV Live video. Currently the app doesn’t support this feature, but we don’t think it will be too long before they make it bigger and better for all Instagram users, influencers, and brands. For jewelry retailers out there, you have been given a great opportunity to get more of your product out there in a way that consumers are paying attention to. “Video is the way we hang out with friends, the way we pass the time, but the way we watch it is changing,” said Kevin Systrom, Instagram CEO.

igtv tips  igtv instagram sylvie collection















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