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It’s the busiest time of the year and that means it’s time to implement your video marketing strategies. Videos are the new selling point, so now more than ever it is so important to utilize platforms such as, YouTube. If you need some tips on how to incorporate video marketing, stick with us!

Is YouTube your video platform?

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With the advancement in technology, video marketing is at the top of its game right now. It allows you to interact with your audience in the most personal way – other than speaking to them in person. Through videos, your audience are able to see the products in action and see the quality craftsmanship up close and personal. For jewelry retailers, it is especially important to utilize platforms like YouTube because an engagement ring or a wedding band always looks better when it sparkles live.  One of the best parts of video, is your ability to talk more in depth about your products. All of these details don’t necessarily fit in an Instagram caption and honestly who is going to read it? They are more likely to pay attention to a video of someone presenting a ring rather than a paragraph of information on Facebook.  But, always keep it short to not lose them!

Sylvie Jewelry YouTube Videos range from product features to ring reviews!

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Now, you might ask, why YouTube and not Vevo or another video platform?

Well as of March 2018, according to www.techcrunch.com, YouTube became the Top Grossing iPhone app in the United States. It has grown significantly since introducing the subscription, YouTube Red, as well as YouTube Premium, and everybody is on it, which means you should be too! There are so many influencers out there creating content everyday, but as a brand you bring something different to the table. You aren’t mentioning the same products as most, you are the sponsor. You are showing organic content and sharing engagement rings that are unique to your own store. It’s so important to note that you can grasp the attention of your viewers in a different way. You can use your unique touch by creating a backdrop set for your videos or share Ring of the Week. The ideas are endless when it comes to incorporating the video element.

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Sylvie Jewelry YouTube Channel

With videos, you can create a series or do giveaways – maybe you can offer special offers or promotions. As a jewelry retailer, you can even do live streams of testimonials in store or stream events. You can focus on a different jewelry brand each week or even post a ring on Instagram and if they want more details they can head to your YouTube channel to get a first look. Another great marketing tip: when utilizing YouTube as your video platform, the videos don’t disappear like Instagram Story. Audiences won’t miss your live stream because the video is later posted on YouTube. It is a great platform to have new and engaging content ready that your audience will never miss. Of course, incorporating all aspects of Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc. is super important to build your online presence.


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Solitaire Engagement Rings

So, if you’re looking to feature videos on YouTube, Instagram Story, or Facebook Live, we hope this helped you out! Especially with proposal season in full swing, it is important more than ever to show your viewers and readers that are you are active on all platforms and are incorporating video marketing strategies. We have to change with the times and this is definitely a step in the right direction!

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