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While jewelry designs don’t seem to change as drastically (or as quickly) as clothing styles, you can see trends. In the last few years, for example, we’ve seen an increase in colored diamonds used in engagement rings, and now brides are “stacking” wedding bands. Is there a reason behind this trend? And are there any “rules” to follow when stacking bands?

stackable1You may have seen teenagers at the mall with bracelets stacked almost from wrist to elbow. If you ask them about the bracelets, they’ll tell you that each one says something about them or represents something that’s important to them. Stackable wedding rings can be the same: stacking a few different bands can show different aspects of a bride’s personality.

www.sylviejewelryThere really is no rhyme or reason to stacking rings. Some women stack their wedding bands with costume jewelry, and change the look on a daily basis. You can even mix band colors, such as silver, gold, white gold, rose gold, and copper, or stone colors. Some celebrities have done this, which usually helps a trend catch on.

Some women prefer the uniformity of the same band color, but will stack very different styles together. This eclectic mix of bands works very well for most.

Many women prefer to stack rings for the sake of symmetry. It just feels more “balanced” to have a band on top and bottom of an engagement ring. Most go for a matched set in these cases, although nothing says you can’t wear two different styles of bands.

Traditionalists claim that you should only stack a wedding band with a quality engagement ring, then with an eternity ring given on an anniversary or upon the birth of the first child. Of course those who want more “bling” could use this chart and get an anniversary band every year!

Sylvie has a fabulous collection of wedding bands that you can match with an engagement ring or stack, whichever suits your style best. You and your marriage are unique, so your engagement ring style should be, too!

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