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Autumn is right around the corner and let’s be honest: it’s the best time of year! Fall is all about the color changing leaves, proposal season, and glamorous engagement rings! At Sylvie Jewelry, fall brings intricate details and cozy, glamorous designs for our soon to be brides. If you are thinking of proposing in the next few months or you’re preparing to be a soon to be bride, check out our Top 10 list of cozy engagement rings for fall!

This list of fall engagement rings that we have compiled include a variety of styles from Marquise to Pear-Shaped engagement rings. Milgrain details and shimmering diamonds are just some of the things that make these engagement rings stand out! Get ready for those colder months and family dinners – these engagement rings are perfect for the occasion!


Cheri – Vintage Inspired Oval Engagement Ring – S1409

vintage oval engagement rings

A Best Seller vintage design that makes your heart beat fast. This vintage inspired engagement ring showcases a 1.5 carat oval diamond surrounded by a pave diamond halo. If you’re looking for an intricate, antique design, the tapered shank features milgrain details and diamond accents. The total weight of this gorgeous vintage inspired engagement ring is 0.73 carats. This is a beautiful engagement ring for the fall because who doesn’t want a little glitz and glamour during the colder months.

Oval Shaped Halo Engagement Ring – S1871

oval engagement rings

This engagement ring will keep you feeling cozy all fall long. From hot chocolate to turkey dinners, this glamorous oval shaped engagement ring is the perfect detail that will surprise your family more than you know! This engagement ring features a dazzling 3 carat oval shaped diamond with a tapered shank set with beautiful diamonds. This stunning engagement ring not only features a 3 carat center stone, but it boasts a total carat weight of 1.47. Get ready for those family dinners with this stunning engagement ring your bride will love!

Vintage Inspired Halo Engagement Ring – S1748

vintage halo engagement rings

A one of a kind and perfect for that romantic bride. This vintage inspired halo engagement ring is as unique as it is beautiful. With milgrain filigree and dazzling diamonds at the forefront, the 1 carat round center is surrounded by a beautifully detailed halo. This stunning vintage engagement ring is perfect for that bride who wants something unique and different from what the rest of the brides have. Surprise that special someone today with this beautifully intricate engagement ring.

Swirl Split Shank Engagement Ring – S1798

split shank engagement rings

See off the summer with this great transitional engagement ring from summer to fall time. This unique swirl split shank engagement ring takes elements from our summer designs to a more intricate and unique engagement ring design for the fall. The 1 carat round center is nestled within a dazzling diamond halo that covers the swirling split shank. The total carat weight of this engagement ring is 0.50 carats. Say goodbye to summer and hello to fall with this dazzling swirl engagement ring!

Vintage Pear Shaped Halo Engagement Ring – S1909

vintage pear engagement rings

Sylvie’s pick for Ring of the Month! This beautiful engagement ring stands out in more ways than one. Falling for pear engagement rings this August, this vintage pear shaped halo engagement ring is just what we’ve been waiting for! Featuring a dazzling 2 carat pear-shaped center stone, the halo of round diamonds complement the intricate milgrain designs on the shank. With a total carat weight of 0.47, this gorgeous engagement ring showcases everything we hope to see in an engagement ring for the cozier fall months.

Three Stone Halo Engagement Ring – S1912

three stone engagement rings

Are you ready for a lot of holiday sparkle with this dazzling engagement ring? This three stone oval engagement ring features a 2 carat oval shaped center stone.  Bringing the real glam with this engagement ring, this three stone is perfect for the bride who thinks more is just the right amount! With pear-shaped side stones, the intricate milgrain details create a glamorous look with this dazzling three stone engagement ring. This dazzler weighs in at 0.85.

Julee – Marquise Shaped Double Halo Engagement Ring – S1195

marquise engagement rings

Introducing a modern romance with this beautiful marquise engagement ring. This marquise shaped double halo engagement ring is really all about the diamonds. This horizontal setting from west to east is both modern and unique – a new way to see this dazzling engagement ring! If your bride needs glam, the Julee is for you! With a 3 carat marquise diamond set in a double halo, this engagement ring comes to a 0.57 carat weight.

Jasmeen – Cushion Cut Halo Engagement Ring – S1299

cushion cut engagement rings

Cushion your fall into autumn with this beautiful cushion cut halo engagement ring. Another gorgeous engagement ring that features a 1 carat center that is surrounded by a dazzling diamond halo that we just can’t get enough of. With a total of 1.05 carats, this engagement ring steals the show – it’s an absolutely stunning engagement ring for any bride!

Vintage Inspired Double Halo Engagement Ring – S1911

vintage double halo engagement rings

Your bride wants her engagement ring to take her breath away. With this vintage inspired double halo engagement ring, she’ll be gasping for air. This engagement ring features a 1 carat round center that is nestled in between not one, but TWO halos surrounded by shimmering diamonds. Two rows of diamonds form unique shapes and glide down the shank of the engagement ring. Milgrain detailing also accompanies this ring, which makes for a glamorous, stunning, and altogether breathtaking engagement ring. Finally if your bride wants glitz and glamour, she’ll have it with this engagement ring.

Brettany – Pear Shaped Engagement Ring with Halo – S1299

pear engagement rings

We just loved the S1299 cushion cut that we had to feature the pear! We’re all about pear this season and this pear-shaped engagement ring with halo steals the show for us. Shimmering diamonds, a glamorous shining halo, and a dazzling 1 carat pear shaped diamond center is what makes this engagement ring truly stand out among the rest. Because this engagement ring has a carat weight of 1.02, this pear-shaped engagement ring ticks all the boxes for fall. Glam, cozy, over the top – so this engagement ring is perfect for the start of the best time of the year!

So there you have it, our TOP 10 list of our favorite engagement rings for the start of the fall season! We broke it down with glamorous, intricate details and these engagement rings truly show all these qualities!

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