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This fall we know exactly what your bride to be is looking for! One of our unique engagement rings from the Sylvie Jewelry is just the accessory you need for your perfect fall proposal! One of our favorite seasons is back & we can’t wait to share our fall favorites with all of you! If your bride to be is looking for something more unique, then one of our sparkling unique engagement rings are definitely what you need to add some sparkle to your proposal!

S1798 – Swirl Split Shank Engagement Ring

S1798 POSTED 1

At the Sylvie Jewelry, our unique engagement rings feature more elaborate details such as mixed metals and spiraling split shanks than your classic solitaire engagement ring. Each of our unique engagement rings stand out and tell a more complex story than the next. This swirl split shank engagement ring is a sparkling example of the unique details that make our unique engagement rings timeless yet exclusive. This unique split shank engagement ring will have her swirling around your finger. The 1 carat round center is surrounded by a shimmering halo of diamonds that cascades down into split bands for a total weight of 0.50 carats.

S1873 – Oval Cut Engagement Ring with Halo


This vintage inspired engagement ring is the perfect example of our gorgeous unique engagement rings. It features milgrain details, baguettes, side stones, our signature halo, and assorted diamonds down the shank. This oval engagement ring features a 2 carat center stone surrounded by a sparkling halo for a carat weight of 0.73 carats. This diamond encrusted unique engagement ring would make the perfect addition for your fall proposal as would any of our unique engagement rings.

S1603 – Oval Cut Spiral Engagement Ring with Halo

IMG 1001

An oval shaped beauty we would say yes to every time! This magnificent spiral engagement ring features a 2 carat east to west oval cut diamond surrounded in a halo of shimmering diamonds with an even more unique spiral split shank band. If you’re looking for something unique, add an east to west shape or a spiral split shank. This brings the wow, the flair, and adds some glam to our unique engagement rings. The spiral shank is also adorned with prong-set diamonds for a total carat weight of 0.38 carats. Would you say yes to this?

S1876 – Oval Cut Engagement Ring with Marquise Shaped Halo

halo engagement ring sylvie S1876

This unique oval cut engagement ring features a 2-carat oval diamond surrounded by a marquise shaped halo with marquise shaped side stones. The diamond encrusted shank adds a touch of elegance to this otherwise unique and out of the box diamond ring. The total weight of this ring is 0.31 carats. Bringing uniqueness, intricate designs’ and shapes, our unique engagement rings truly have it all!

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