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Have you been thinking about which jewels to rock for the winter season? If so, we have the gemstones for you! At the Sylvie Jewelry, we’re saying Happy New Year with our favorite sparkling blue sapphire gems! The perfect match for a winter wonderland-esque new year – we’re definitely feeling the blue and white winter feels this January. Today we’re talking all about our stunning blue sapphire engagement rings that’ll complete your new year looks this season. If you’re here for all things blue, keep on reading for all things blue sapphire engagement rings!

If you’re on the hunt for a blue sapphire the most important feature (pretty obvious) is the color. The ideal sapphire engagement ring has a balance of color, tone, and brightness that’ll make or break the look of your engagement ring. Our blue sapphire engagement rings are such a staple for the colder months! For us at the Sylvie Jewelry, it’s all about our blue sapphire & diamond engagement rings. From vintage to modern, this look never goes out of style which is all we want this January!

Blue Sapphire & Diamond Halo Engagement Ring – S4132

round blue sapphire and diamond engagement ring

Behind some of our gorgeous unique engagement rings are our stunning blue sapphires! This gorgeous engagement ring features a 1 carat round dazzling diamond nestled within a hexagonal halo of shimmering diamonds with 0.22 blue sapphire baguettes on each side. This sparkling diamond engagement ring is such a stunning addition to your holiday outfit of the night. The more diamonds the better – we love to say! Diamonds continue down the shank bordered by milgrain accents with a vintage-inspired inner profile for a total weight of 0.81 carats.

Three Stone Oval Engagement Ring with Sapphires – S4109

blue sapphire and diamond engagement ring

Looking for glam this January? Our three stone engagement ring has your name written all over it. This stunning oval engagement ring features a 1 carat oval diamond surrounded by a shimmering halo and adorned with celestial blue sapphires in an alluring baguette cut on both sides. With such a unique shape, this sapphire engagement ring is definitely fit for the bride who wants to stand out from the crowd. All three stones rests on a gracefully designed carriage and additional diamonds flow down the shank creating a perfect romantic balance. The total weight is 0.74 carats.

Classic Double Halo Engagement Ring – S4102

double halo sapphire and diamond engagement ring

This sparkling double halo engagement ring is what the new year is all about. A winter wonderland dream is all we see with this gorgeous sparkling engagement ring. This classic double halo engagement ring features a 1 carat dazzling diamond set in a double halo of blue sapphires and white diamonds. This stunning blue sapphire and diamond engagement ring has it all: a double halo, blue sapphire gems, and more diamonds than you can count! The white diamonds continue on the shank with a total of 0.61 carats.

Hexagon Blue Sapphire & Diamond Engagement Ring – S4131

hexagon sapphire engagement rings

One of our sapphire engagement rings fit for a bride who wants glam, uniqueness, and pops of color. This gorgeous engagement ring features a 1 carat round brilliant diamond set atop a hexagonal halo of sparkling diamonds with a 0.18 blue sapphire on each side. A sapphire engagement ring that’ll sweep your bride off her feet in so many ways. Diamonds continue down the shank bordered by milgrain accents, the total weight being 0.56 carats.

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