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Your first love… a love that you’ll never forget. You might not feel love for them forever, but you’ll always remember them as the first person who stole your heart. Although many don’t end up with their first love, a Sylvie Bride or two has & we’re sharing those beautiful brides and brides to be with you! We’re celebrating their love that has stood the test of time that has made them true soulmates.

Mackenzie L.

Mackenzie and Alex met in high school. They started dating in 2010 when they were both 15 years old. They never believed that they would make it through, but 8 years later they just recently got married. She doesn’t know exactly when they fell in love with each other – she says it just happened over time.

The Proposal

Alex had come to visit her in West Virginia. After she got home from work he insisted on opening Christmas presents on the 21st in the living room. She thought it was a dumb idea because we could’ve just opened the gifts in my room since they were already there, but she went to get them. After yelling at him on her way out of the living room, she walked back into the living room and he was down on one knee! She was speechless and of course said yes! They have recently married & are enjoying their new chapter as husband and wife.

mac bride mac bride 2 mackenzie sylvie bride

Francesca S.

Anthony and Francesca have been together for 7 years now. They are high school sweethearts and knew since they first started dating that they were meant to be together. Their lives overlapped many times in their childhood, including their parents being married by the same priest in the same church, going to the same doctor and orthodontist, but it wasn’t until finally in high school that they met.

The Proposal

Sylvie Bride, Francesca got engaged in October of 2018 in Venice, Italy. It was just the two of them at 7:30 in the morning, while the city was still sleeping. They had the streets to ourselves, and it was absolutely picture perfect! They are planning their picture perfect wedding as well.

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Payton S.

In a small town everybody knows everybody. When she met her soon to be husband in their small town, she had no clue who he was. They had walked by each other time and time again not knowing how important they would soon become to one another. It was the end of her 8th grade year and the end of Joe’s junior year of high school when they met. Their class had went outside to the football field for the remainder of the day since it was close to summer break. Joe was practicing his field goal kicks with a friend and they made eye contact several times. When the bell rang, they went their separate ways. Joe asked some of her friends for her number and they’ve been talking every day since!

The Proposal

They were living together in their one-bedroom apartment at the time that he proposed. It was the week of Thanksgiving and just another night in their apartment before bed. Joe brought Payton her cat and she had the ring around her collar and that’s when he asked me to marry him! It was a puuurfect proposal!

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Amanda S.

Our Sylvie Bride Amanda, grew up in the same hometown as her now fiance, but they didn’t start dating until she was 6 months out from graduating High School and leaving for college. They met her sophomore – his freshman – year of high school. They were in the same math class but didn’t talk too much back then. During her senior year, they started hanging out in the same friend group. One night he messaged her on Facebook asking for her phone number and the rest is history! Eight years later, they still haven’t left each-other’s side!

The Proposal

They were in Greece for two weeks on vacation and he had set up a surprise date. He told her to dress nicely and be ready at 2PM. At 2PM we were picked up and whisked away to a private boat tour around the island of Santorini! He had set up everything perfectly – there was Great wine, Great food, swimming, and a beautiful sunset view!

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