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The moment has finally happened! The man of your dreams asked you to marry him and now it’s time to share the news with your friends and family! You’re probably already planning out those save the dates in your head, but first you need that photo! If you’re planning to break the news with none other than an engagement ring selfie, follow these tips for THE perfect Instagram shot!


Manicured hands for that perfect selfie magic! Not a necessity, but a fresh set of nails will pair well with that beautiful addition. If you don’t have time to take a spa day for yourself, don’t even worry! Grab a clear nail polish, a file, and you’re good to go with a minimalistic look!

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Next step is all about aesthetic! If you want your photo to stand out against the rest, finding the most flattering angle will bring attention to your shot. Does using a higher angle stand out? Blurring the background and making the ring the focal point? Including your face in the shot? All of these tips will not only make your ring look the best, but will make your sole photo-shoot an easier process.


Good lighting for any photo is a must! But when it comes to an engagement ring picture, natural light is ALWAYS necessary. Diamonds are meant to sparkle and that natural lighting will bring out the best in it! Be careful to avoid shadows or darker areas of the shot by incorporating a shot from up above that will eliminate any darkness.

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One of the main points of a ring selfie is to focus on the most aesthetic parts! The setting, the shape, or maybe even the engraving on the inside. Knowing what makes it unique will help you achieve the most satisfying shot. ALWAYS make sure that those qualities stand out! This can be achieved by focusing mainly on the ring and not so much on the backdrop or creating an angle that highlights these special features.


Take note of what is going to be in the background of your photo. Avoid the dreaded Instagram shot of your messy kitchen or un-made bed. Perhaps you can pose against a minimalistic background like a white backdrop to really make your ring the focal point. However, for those who want a unique background… you can always pick a setting that is special to you! Maybe you want to pose the ring in front of your husband or a backdrop that hints to the theme or location of your wedding venue. Whatever you choose, make sure its naturally lit and avoid clutter.

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Including you or your significant other in these shots not only make them more unique than the norm, but also they make them ultimately more special for the future. You create a connection through a photo of you and your soon to be husband that nobody can replicate. Thing outside of the box… well in this case outside of the ring!


Not every “ring selfie” is going to be out of the box, unique, or even perfect because lets face it, after snapping 100 photos we find that only one is Instagram suitable.  Understand that while this is totally fine, you should always be happy with what you choose! You choose what you wish to convey, what angle you want to show, & how you want to show it. Narrow it down because you want to convey that one special photo that will hold a place in your heart forever as a future bride. If you love the photo, everyone else will love it too!


Congratulations on your engagement, cheers to your new chapter with your husband, & happy photographing!

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