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Proposal season is right around the corner and that means it’s prime time for jewelry retailers all over the world. Images are the new selling point so to speak, so now more than ever it is so important to utilize sites like Pinterest to get the word out about your business. Keywords and search terms are great for SEO optimization, but Pinterest marketing allows you to search for a product visually, which is what internet users are all about these days. We want to share our Pinterest marketing tips that will help you expand your reach and build promising brand loyalty with your followers.

Pinterest has become one of the best platforms to get your products in front of potential customers instantly. The popularity of this platform has grown in just the last two weeks alone. The digital age has so much to offer from social media marketing to successful social media strategies that help you build your business, but it’s up to you to utilize them strategically! Social media brings a whole new plate of responsibilities like creating organic and engaging content on a daily basis. As a jewelry retailer, Pinterest is your leg up because lets face it women want to see their wedding inspiration more than they want to read about it.

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Who is on Pinterest?

As a jewelry retailer your most important target market is the bride, of course! Your next customer is probably building her bride to be Pinterest board as we speak! Actually 80 percent of our website’s users are women and 63% are searching on their smartphones, which means they pin on the go! These are great insights to pay attention to for jewelry retailers and business owners alike because if the bride is pinning on the go – it means she is constantly online looking for inspiration. If you’re pinning enough and using the appropriate hashtags, then she is most likely seeing it.

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pinterest analyticsMake your images cohesive!

Make your images different than the rest. Pinterest marketing requires creativity and attention to detail. Create boards that flow with the creative elements of the brand. Highlight a certain product or edit the photos to be similar in color or angles. The aesthetic of the images is your number one priority with platforms like Pinterest or Instagram.

Pin as much as you can!

As we said above, brides are always online, pinning, looking, planning – so if you’re pinning away they are bound to see them! The more you pin the more inspiration and knowledge of your brand goes out into the world. See aesthetic patterns below: lots of pinks, whites, and greys, which match the Sylvie aesthetic.

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Create boards for specific products!

With Pinterest marketing, pay attention to your followers wants and needs as first priority. Pinterest followers might be looking for different content that wouldn’t be found in the same category. This means separating things like engagement rings, fashion jewelry, etc. will allow them to go directly to what they are looking for. However, always have a board that encompasses the majority of your products that way they don’t miss out on your best-sellers. For instance, with Sylvie Jewelry, we have a board called Get Engaged with Sylvie. This is where we post all of our engagement rings, but then we have separate boards for each type of ring. This allows bride to search for solitaires instead of search through all of the engagement rings.


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Get Social!

Interact with your users. Pin their content and they’ll pin back. The only way, other than advertising, to get people to know about you is to communicate with them! Create giveaways or use their testimonials to make your content more organic and user friendly.

Use Pinterest Advertising!

If you want to lock in analytics that show you whether or not brides or women are pinning from your platform, check out Pinterest Advertising.  Paying for advertising on this platform helps you reach more people that are actively using the app. What makes Pinterest advertising so great is that the promoted pins look similar to the regular ones. Meaning you aren’t bombarding your followers with popups or distracting them with only promoted pins. Moreover, you are paying to promote your pins so more people in your specific demographic are seeing them. This is so important for an image based platform because they are able to pin and go back later and revisit. Meaning they are seeing your content more than once – which in turn brings a better reach and more views.

Pinterest advertising

The ability to influence customers begins right when they start shopping. Specifically speaking online, the minute they get on Pinterest and start browsing – they are hit with inspiration and influence. When you go to Pinterest, you aren’t necessarily there to buy something, but rather there to gather inspiration or find images that go with your aesthetic. It is easier to influence consumers with platforms like Pinterest because they don’t feel pressured – they are more willing to click to your website.


As jewelry retailers you are able to excite and inspire your customers. Women especially brides want to engage with organic content that matches their aesthetic and honestly one of the best ways to do this is through: images! Pinning an engagement ring along with a love quote and a testimonial story to match will bring more brides and keep your current customers happy!

Pinterest is the platform to be on right now! Utilizing Pinterest Marketing, there are so many opportunities for brands and especially jewelry retailers alike. We have seen the success that Pinterest has brought us! Start today because a business with a plan is a successful one!


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