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Diamond Pendant Necklaces

Diamond pendant necklaces are exquisite jewelry pieces that feature a pendant adorned with one or more diamonds suspended from a chain worn around the neck.

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Diamond Pendant Necklaces

Round Pave Diamond Necklace

Round Pave Diamond Necklace – PD817-0054/D4W

Oval-Diamond-Pave-Necklace PD818

Oval Diamond Pave Necklace – PD818-0053/D4W


Modern Diamond Pendant – PD655-0100/D4W

Modern Rose Gold Pave Diamond Necklace

Modern Rose Gold Pave Diamond Necklace – PD819-0050/D4W

Twone Diamond Swirl Pendant

Two-Tone Diamond Swirl Pendant – PD827-0014/D4T


Teardrop Diamond Necklace – PD656-0052/D4W

Modern Rose Gold and Diamond Swirl Pendant

Rose Gold Diamond Swirl Pendant – PD827-0014/D4R

Heartaped Diamond Necklace in White Gold

Heart-Shaped Diamond Necklace – PD815-0053/D4W

Yellow Gold Diamond Star Necklace

Yellow Gold Diamond Star Necklace – PD820-0047/D4W


Modern Diamond Necklace – PD654-0050/D4W

Diamond Swirl Pendant

Diamond Swirl Pendant – PD827-0014/D4W

Diamond Pendant Necklaces

These diamond pendant necklaces are prized for their elegance, versatility, and the way they add a touch of sparkle and sophistication to any outfit or occasion. Diamond pendant necklaces come in a wide range of designs, from classic solitaire pendants to intricate and artistic designs that incorporate multiple diamonds or other gemstones. Some pendants feature symbolic shapes or motifs, while others are more abstract. The diamonds in Sylvie’s diamond pendant necklaces are securely placed in a prong setting. The metal used for the pendant and chain can vary, with white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum being popular choices.

Sylvie's Difference

Sylvie’s diamond pendant necklaces are versatile and suitable for various occasions.

Take, for instance, the Diamond Swirl Pendant, an intricate swirling pattern of 0.14 carats of diamonds around a white gold circle. Then, there’s the Modern Diamond Pendant, exuding luxury with its 1.0 carats of round brilliant diamonds, set in a double teardrop design. The Round Pave Diamond Necklace is a timeless choice with its milgrain detailing and 0.54 carats of round diamonds.

Whether you’re looking for a timeless piece of jewelry to cherish or a thoughtful gift for a loved one, a diamond pendant necklace is a classic and versatile choice that adds a touch of sparkle and sophistication to any jewelry collection.

Diamond Pendant Necklaces FAQs

What defines a diamond pendant necklace?

Diamond pendant necklaces are characterized by contemporary designs, often incorporating geometric shapes, innovative materials, and minimalist aesthetics, while still embracing the timeless beauty of fine jewelry.

How do I choose the right length for a diamond pendant necklace?

Selecting the right length depends on your personal preference and the neckline of your attire. Choker lengths (14-16 inches) sit close to the neck, while princess lengths (18-20 inches) hang just below the collarbone. Opera lengths (28-34 inches) fall below the chest.

Can I customize the design of a Sylvie diamond pendant necklace?

Sylvie offers customizable pieces, ensuring that every piece resonates with the wearer’s unique style and preferences.

Are all diamond pendant necklaces suitable for daily wear?

While many diamond pendant necklaces are crafted for durability and everyday wear, some intricate or delicate designs may be better suited for special occasions.

How should I clean and care for my diamond pendant necklace?

Regularly wipe your diamond pendant necklace with a soft, lint-free cloth. For deeper cleaning, use mild soapy water and a soft brush, but always avoid harsh chemicals and ultrasonic cleaners unless recommended.

Do diamond pendant necklaces come with a chain?

Yes, all Sylvie diamond pendant necklaces come with a chain.

Are Sylvie's diamond pendant necklaces made with ethically-sourced materials?

Yes, Sylvie is committed to using only ethical sources, ensuring that each piece is not just beautiful but also responsibly crafted.

How do I prevent my diamond pendant necklace from tangling?

Store your diamond pendant necklace separately in a soft pouch or jewelry box, and consider clasping the necklace when laying it flat.

Can I pair a diamond pendant necklace with other pieces of jewelry?

Yes. Whether layering it with other necklaces or pairing it with other pieces, your diamond pendant necklace is designed to seamlessly add to your jewelry collection.


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