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Did you know that along with our collection of yellow gold engagement rings, any of our engagement rings can be customized in this metal? We’re all about mix and matching our engagement rings with any of our wedding and/or stackable bands to add that WOW factor to our wedding sets. All of our bands come in yellow gold and some even feature gemstones. Our stackables are great for mixing metals and styles, but we also have wedding bands that pair perfectly with our collection of unique mixed metal engagement rings. Whether you’re looking for something out of the box, our collection of yellow gold engagement rings and wedding band pairings are just what you need!

S1816 B0016 POSTED

Today we’re talking all about Sylvie’s Top Picks in yellow gold! We’re pairing styles for the perfect wedding set that says, “Forever.” Make a bold choice this season for an out of the box look. Yellow gold is the most traditional metal in jewelry. In engagement rings or fashion jewelry, many women prefer it to the silver appearance of white gold as it is considered to have a more timeless feel. Due to the classic look of yellow gold engagement rings, they are great for women who prefer a more vintage look. A 14-carat yellow gold engagement ring has 58% purity, while a 24-carat yellow gold is 99.9%. The higher the carat percentage, the purer the gold, which is why many go for yellow gold. Yellow gold has a warmer look that not only looks great in vintage settings, but pairs well with warmer skin complexions. As trends come and go, the yellow gold is more of a unique metal nowadays so if you are looking for an engagement ring that is both unique and timeless – check out a yellow gold dazzler.


S1P14 B1P15 YG       S1876 B0033 YG       S1859 BS1859 YG    NEW SY999 CH SET

        S1P14 – Solitaire Engagement Ring           S1876 – Vintage Oval Engagement Ring            S1859 – Solitaire Engagement Ring      SY999 – Halo Engagement Ring

                                    B1P15                                                        B0033                                                                           BS1859                                                              BSY999

Our stunning, unique engagement ring and wedding band sets knock it out of the park! With unique shapes and sparkling diamonds, these engagement ring and wedding band sets are as different, but gorgeous as it gets. From milgrain edging and vintage halos to modern styles and unique shapes, these yellow gold solitaire and halo engagement rings will give your wedding set a more alluring and one of a kind feel. These are the perfect sets for the classic bride and even the modern day contemporary bride. She wants to break the mold and wear an enticing arrangement that not many other brides will have. Although we’re sharing many matching wedding sets, our stackable bands make great wedding bands to mix up your look. They bring a fun and unique element to your look even if you’re going for a more traditional solitaire engagement ring.

stackable bands YG sylvie 2

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