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So, you’ve decided to propose on Valentine’s Day—congratulations! You bought the engagement ring and it’s absolutely perfect: exactly the diamond cut and setting she wanted, and in her desired metal. You even have a little proposal speech written and ready to go. There’s one final thing left to decide: how are you going to pop the question? More specifically, will you propose with an audience, in a non cliche way, as a surprise? Some prefer a quiet, more intimate setting for such a momentous occasion, while others might choose a more public location to display their love. We’ve whipped up some Dos and Don’ts for romantic and unforgettable proposals!

Our little guide will help you decide what to do and what not to do! Of course, this is just a guide and if you really want to hide the ring in the cake, go for it! Get ready to make this Valentine’s Day one you’ll never forget!

1. DO: Surprise your bride to be

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to plan a surprise proposal. You’ll have a reason to be sneaky without her finding out. With all the decor and opportunities, you’ll have the chance to plan a romantic and out of the box proposal on a more cliche day.

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2. Don’t hide the ring in the food

Now this one is just a precaution. We say don’t hide it in the food or in the champagne glass just in case… she swallows it by accident. If you can be sure this won’t happen, it still might not be a great fit because then the ring will be dirty. However, go with your gut on this one!

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3. Do: Plan a creative proposal

Since it is Valentine’s Day and is known as the most cliche day to propose, we recommend a creative proposal to pop the question. If you need some creative ideas, check out our blog post all about our out of the box ideas for proposing on the most romantic day of the year: Most creative V-Day Proposals

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4. Don’t over do it just because it’s Valentine’s Day

Just because it’s Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you have to get the most chocolates or flowers or plan a sunset cruise with a violinist. Of course, if this is something you want to do, then definitely go for it, but you don’t have to. Don’t feel pressured to pull out all the shots just because it’s Valentines Day. Your bride will love whatever you plan!

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5. Do: Get her approval on a public proposal

Make sure that you find out whether or not your bride to be wants a public or private proposal. You don’t want to be proposing in a crowded restaurant on Valentine’s Day if your bride wants something more intimate. You can always plan a romantic dinner at home and make it a moment between the two of you!

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6. Don’t be afraid to express emotions

Lastly, we hope that on the most romantic day of the year, you’ll let your emotions flow. Tell your bride how much she means to you and how important this proposal is for you. Let her know she’s your valentine forever and don’t be afraid to do that.

We’re wishing all of you happy planning for your Valentine’s Day and happy proposing!

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