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Say Hello and Congratulations to our Sylvie Bride, Carly and her fiance, Alex!

Tell us your story:

Alex and I have been dating for over 7 years dating back to when we were 19. I can’t believe he is officially my fiance!

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How did they meet?

We met in college at our freshman dorms. We started off as best friends until we both knew there was so much more happening between us.

How did you know they were the one?

When we were just friends, Alex drove 3 hours to Dallas to accompany me on a flight as I was dealing with newfound flight anxiety. This doubled the time it took him to get there, but he DIDN’T want to experience the group trip WITHOUT me, or have me miss out! We did Sudoku puzzles and he kept me calm and safe.

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How did they propose?

Alex planned a picture-perfect picnic at white rock lake for my birthday. He popped the question before we could even open the wine!

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Why did you choose a Sylvie Ring?

I have always loved Sylvie’s Amazing DESIGNS and I knew she could make my vision happen.

Which Sylvie ring did you choose?

The second I saw the tapered baguettes I knew I needed them. I loved the simplicity of the solitaire round stone accompanied by the class of delicately tapered baguettes.


What do you love most about your Sylvie ring?

It’s simple and delicate, yet also bold and stunning. It DOESN’T stop SPARKLING!!

As a Sylvie Bride, you say yes to love and to many other things! What are they

I always say yes to breakfast tacos! I say yes to walks with our dog at any time of Morning or Night, as long as my fiance is walking with us. I say yes to travel and new experiences.

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As the groom, what do you love about your Yes girl?

I love that Carly CHALLENGES and pushes herself. Not everything comes easy, but with her determination nothings impossible. She ran her first 10k on our proposal day, and she trained hard for that race. She loves to continue to grow in all ways.


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