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Gemstones are rich in colorful hues and chic for the trendy bride. They offer a more unique approach to your engagement ring or wedding band that any modern bride would love. When it comes to our gemstone engagement rings, they will most definitely be the most unique piece of jewelry you’ll ever wear. It’s something you’ll have forever and cherish for a lifetime. At the Sylvie Jewelry, we’re known for adding gemstones into most of our jewelry. From stackable bands to engagement rings, with a gemstone, your diamond ring will be both bold and sentimental.

Did you know that Sylvie is personally involved in the production of each and every design? We can use the center of one ring and the profile of another to make a brand new mix! From solitaire engagement rings to halo styles, here is an example of how we take multiples styles and shapes to create the end design of our custom engagement rings!

Center Stones

Our unique gemstone engagement rings sparkle in the light and definitely make a statement.  If your bride is looking for a pop of color, try adding a gemstone as her center stone. This will not only make the ring more modern, but it will be one of a kind. Your options are endless when choosing which kind of center to go with. Below we’re showing you a few examples of a pink sapphire, blue topaz, and a blue sapphire. You can customize with any shape or style as well from cushion and emerald cut to oval and vintage.

NEW custom engagement ring sylvie ruby1 NEW custom emerald cut engagement ring sylvie1 NEW blue sapphire engagement ring sylvie SY8031

Stackable Bands

At the Sylvie Jewelry, we’re known for our various styles of stackable bands. From our unique gemstones to mixed metal stacks, there are unique stackable bands for every kind of bride at the Sylvie Jewelry. Just like with our engagement rings, our stackable bands can be customized with gemstones, which make them versatile to be used both as a wedding band and a fashion ring. They are interchangeable and you can pair them with another gemstone engagement ring for an out of the box look or stack them for the most fashionable look in town. Below we’re sharing some custom pieces in blue sapphire, ruby and emerald.

NEW B0011B0019 B0030 21

 NEW BANDS RUBY 1 yellow gold stackable bands

Side Stones

Last, but not least we have our gemstone side stones. You can customize your engagement ring without fully committing by adding gemstones as your side stones. Add that little pop of color, but still keep the essence of your diamond engagement ring. There are many ways you can go about doing this from adding gemstones into the halo or as actual side stones like in the pear and mixed shape designs. Unlike some of the above we have some custom options that feature morganite in the halo and yellow diamonds in the halo and on the side stones. The Sylvie standard means endless customization options along with unmatched quality and care. Customize your ring today with your local Sylvie retailer or browse our endless collection of handcrafted engagement ring settings and wedding bands.

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