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Planning a wedding can be an exciting task and although sometimes daunting, you’re planning the best day of your life to date so allow it to be fun. Today we’re talking specifically about planning a winter wedding. Winter weddings can be challenging to plan, but the pros outweigh the cons because they make for some of the most beautiful wedding photos. Planning a wedding during the most romantic months of the year allows you to play with color, themes, and even throw in bits of themed decor if you please. If you’re planning a winter wedding, but you aren’t sure which direction to go in, keep on reading for some of our favorite winter wedding trends for 2019!

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yellow gold stackable bandsWinter Wedding Colors

When you are choosing winter wedding colors, it’s your chance to create a color palette that is bold and creative. We have chosen a range of color palettes that will work for any type of bride. From nude to deep red, our favorite winter wedding colors all pair beautifully with a snowy backdrop!

Creme, Blush, Nudes, and Floral Green

Creme and blush pair well with nature themed weddings. Go rustic with a forest wedding in the snow. Dark green stems from the flowers pop against the more neutral tones of your bridesmaids dresses. When going neutral, it is easier to mix and match bridesmaid styles so keep that in mind!

wedding trends color palette
Deep reds, Magenta, and Dark Green

Winter’s staple color is deep red so if you want to make a bold statement on your wedding day, this color palette is the one for you! Go with deep red flowers that’ll flow with the bridesmaid dresses and stand out in the perfect way against your wedding down.

wedding trends color palette

Icy Blues, Silvers, & Metallics

We’re all about the winter “blues” here with these icy versions. We’re loving the Elsa-esque bridesmaid gowns against the gorgeous white wedding dress. Pair the dresses with grey shawls so that your wedding party isn’t freezing in the snow. Such a gorgeous palette to work with and so many shades of blue to grey you can work with!

wedding trends color palette
Blush Pinks, Gold, Metallics

If you’re getting married near Valentine’s Day or even on the day, then blush pink and gold is definitely your move. These colors are sweet, sophisticated and really match the “sweetheart” theme of a Valentines wedding! This color palette looks stunning against light green leaves on your florals and altogether it just gives off a romantic vibe.

wedding trends color palette

Photo Credit:

Brit & Co

Red Winter Wedding

Blue Winter Wedding

Elizabeth Anne Designs

Blooming Florals

You can’t have a wedding without flowers even if they are picked from your garden, a wedding bouquet is a must have! Some florals that are trending for 2019 are rustic green leaves mixed with peonies and peach colors, deep magentas mixed with peach and white, forest inspired white and green florals, as well as deep red, white, and pinks especially for February’s Valentine’s Day! Of course, any florals you choose will be beautiful, but these are some that pop beautifully against your dress and backdrops for winter.

Greens, Blush Pink, & White
Photo Credit:

Peach, Pink & Burgundy Bouquet

wedding trends flowers

White, winter theme, pinecones, and greenery

wedding trends flowers

Burgundy, peach, and white

wedding trends flowers

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Winter Wedding Bouquets

Hashtags & Signs

This isn’t only specifically for winter themed weddings, but it is a huge trend that has made its way from 2018 to 2019. If you want your guests’ to share the photos they take on their smartphones, create a hashtag so you can go back and see all the pictures. Get your guests to be social during your special day by creating a hashtag and posting it on cute chalkboard or rustic signs around your wedding venue!

hashtag wedding signs wedding signs

Creating a hashtag and incorporating social media in your big day is great for most, but if you want your guests to use Insta after the ceremony, make sure to get a sign that politely asks them to not photograph during the ceremony.

Photo Credit:

Hashtag Signs

Unplugged Ceremony

Dessert Bar

Last, but not least, we have the dessert bar! Let’s face it, other than marrying the love of your life, this is one of the most important parts of the day. Now, don’t skimp out on a wedding cake because everybody loves to see you cut it and shove it in each other’s faces, but do switch up the other desserts that accompany it! For a winter wedding theme, there are so many ways you can go about this: Hot chocolate station, candy bar for Valentine’s Day, and even s’mores since it’ll be cold out! We chose some of our favorites, but be as creative as you want with this one because everybody loves dessert!

Photo Credit:

S’mores Bar Valentine’s theme Alchemy Fine Events

smores bar  valentines dessert barwedding dessert bar

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