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Graeber Jewelers

Engagement Rings in West Seneca

Graeber Jewelers

Graeber Jewelers in West Seneca, New York

Graeber Jewelers has been Western New York’s customer service and excellence leader for well over a century. Founded in 1907 by William Graeber and currently in its fourth generation of family ownership under the leadership of Julie Graeber, the store has consistently been a trusted destination for jewelry sales and repairs.

Graeber Jewelers Highlights

  • Graeber Jewelers offers a wide collection of diamonds & gemstones, and also jewelry from leading manufacturers. Explore their offerings, including bracelets, wedding bands, and more.
  • Graeber Jewelers provides a safe and enhanced shopping experience through its mobile app, offering a wide variety of jewelry and accessories with daily inventory updates.
  • Graeber Jewelers offers personal service, custom jewelry design, loose diamond sales, and on-site jewelry repair.
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Graeber Jewelers Information

You can find Graeber Jewelers at 1303 Union Road, West Seneca, NY 14224. For inquiries and appointments, feel free to call (716) 675-5226, or send an email to [email protected], or contact them through their website.

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West Seneca is a town located in Erie County, New York, USA

  • West Seneca is a town in Erie County, New York, United States.
  • The town was home to industries such as steel manufacturing, paper mills, and brick-making.
  • West Seneca has attractions like the Charles E. Burchfield Nature & Art Center and the Cazenovia Park.
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Book an appointment at Graeber Jewelers

Graeber Jewelers is delighted  when you schedule a virtual appointment. To do so, simply email them at [email protected] or give them a call  at (716) 675-5226. They take every necessary step  to provide you with the exceptional level of service you expect and deserve. Walk-in visits are warmly welcomed if you happen to be in the vicinity.

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About Graeber Jewelers

As a cherished family-owned jewelry establishment that has survived four generations of ownership with decades of repeat clients, Graeber Jewelers has precisely developed a legacy beyond exquisite jewelry pieces. They pride themselves on their rich history and have become part of life’s most intimate moments. They serve a wide selection of diamond and gemstone jewelry, bracelets, wedding band lines, and a collection of jewelry from leading manufacturers.

In its over a century of existence, Graeber Jewelers, a cherished family-owned establishment, has flourished through four generations of dedicated ownership, fostering enduring connections with generations of clients. Their legacy extends far beyond the stunning jewelry they offer, as they take pride in becoming a cherished part of life’s most intimate moments.

Renowned for its rich history and commitment to exceptional service, Graeber Jewelers invites customers to explore a curated selection that includes diamond and gemstone jewelry, bracelets, wedding band lines, and an exclusive collection from leading manufacturers.

Graeber Jewelers FAQs

What does Graeber Jewelers offer?

The store specializes in personal service, offering engagement and wedding jewelry, fine diamond and gemstone jewelry, custom jewelry design, loose diamond sales, and on-site jewelry repair.

What other services do Graeber Jewelers offer?

Graeber Jewelers offers personal service, including engagement and wedding jewelry, fine diamond and gemstone Jewelry, custom jewelry design, and loose diamond sales.

Is there an alternative way to connect with Graeber Jewelers?

They recommend downloading their mobile app from the App Store by searching for Graeber Jewelers. Through the app, you’ll discover an extensive range of jewelry and accessories, with fresh inventory updates regularly.

What makes Graeber Jewelers stand out from other jewelers?

Graeber Jewelers stands out by continuously innovating ways to enhance your shopping experience securely from home. They encourage everyone to participate and commemorate other precious moments through their establishment.

Can I find wedding bands for men at Graeber Jewelers?

Graeber Jewelers proudly offers a selection of stylish collections of wedding bands specifically designed for men. Our selection includes a variety of metals, designs, and finishes ensuring you’ll find the perfect symbol of commitment that suits your style and preference.


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